The unique opportunity presented by Montebello is that of a community of architecturally mature residences within one of Nelson’s most beautiful settings. Trees and landscape up to one hundred years old have provided the background for elegant and timeless homes and gardens.

The atmosphere created here at Montebello has ensured that it is possibly Nelson’s finest place to live. It has enabled the homes built there to retain their value over the years and not date or become unfashionable.

Certain elements of all buildings and structures come from the same family of shapes and colours and the building covenants followed in the design and construction of these homes has created a continuous architectural theme.

Many features of vernacular Kiwi architecture contribute to this, including gabled roofs, roof pitches, verandahs, vertical openings and traditional pale colours. These have been employed in both traditional designs and creatively interpreted in very modern homes.

Significant trees are protected. Many are deciduous and provide beautiful seasonal variation while others are specimen evergreens. They provide privacy and an unmatched tranquil outlook for all residents as well as the framework for the creation of mature gardens.

Through the partnership of beautiful natural surroundings and sensitive design Montebello has become and remains Nelson’s most outstanding subdivision.